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Metriaclima estherae is found in a rocky environment along the eastern coast of the lake between Metangula and Meluluca, near Chilucha Reef, near Minos Reef, near Nkhungu Reef and near Gome. The males of this species have a beautiful blue colour while the females are coloured from beige to brown, the O-females have a beautiful orange colour.
The white-pink coloured males are very rare in the lake and they can only be found at Minos Reef. You can`t find the orange-red males - the types which we buy in our shops - in the lake because it`s a breeding type which evolved from these white-pink O-males.
In stores you can find some different types of Metriaclima estherae. Most common is the type with the blue males and red females but they sell also pink males and spotted "OB" types.

I had four fish of the "red-red" type in my aquarium, anyhow at that time they were sold to me under this name. The male had a really different color then the females - especially in the fins - which showed beautiful egg spots. The male was about 10 cm, the females were a bit smaller.

The male dominated my aquarium and he was constantly trying to seduce the females. There has been some offspring however they were all eaten by the other fish in my aqaurium because I didnīt hold them in a seperate breeding tank at that time.

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