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Hemitaeniochromis sp."spilopterus yellow" can be found everywhere in Lake Malawi, mainly in the rocky parts of the intermediate zones from rocks to sand. Usually they are living alone but sometimes you can find them also in a small group of maximum three examples.

This species can grow to about 22 cm and needs to have a lot of swimming space in an aquarium. Itīs a predator which probably likes eating eggs and very small fish however I (Thimo) havenīt seen anything of this behaviour utill now.
In the middle of 2018 I bought a trio of this species, young fish from which the male was about 10 cm at that time, the females were about 8 cm. Meanwhile (october 2018) the male is about 13 cm, the females are a little smaller. The parents of these fish were caught in the neighbourhood of Mdoka.

They havenīt been mating until now however the male has started to pay court to his females. Generally itīs a really peaceful species which doesnīt attract much of his fellow occupants. In my tank he has found his own place above some rocks against the rear wall, itīs a bit darker there and it seems that heīs feeling really pretty there. The females are swimming peacefully through the entire tank and are beying left alone by the other species in my tank.

This species is also eating all offered food without any problem.

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