Otopharynx lithobates "black orange dorsal"

Otopharynx lithobates is a cave living species. They are living in rocky environments in the southern part of the lake at Mumbo Island, Thumbi West and Thumbi East, Zimbawe Rock, Chinyanwezi, Domwe Island, Monkey Bay and also near the Maleri Islands where the formerly called Otopharynx walteri is living.
Depending on the place where it`s found they have a different color. However, the variant shown here is a breeding type which can not be found in the lake.

In the lake the males of these species can grow to 16 cm, in the aquarium however they can grow a little taller because of a good feeding. The males can then grow to about 18 cm, females grow to about 14 cm.

Otopharynx lithobates is in common a real peaceful cichlid. You can keep this species best with other peaceful species and multiple females in a tank with enough places to hide.

In the lake they are seeking the sand and eat faeces of other, mainly vegetation eating fish.
In the aquarium they are comfortable with any food. They take everything they get offered, like spirulina pellets, mysis, artemia, cyclops and shrimp-peas mix.